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Kathryn Jacob and Sue Unerman, Authors of 'The Glass Wall'

51% of the population is female and yet only 26% of FTSE100 company boards are composed of women. The highest earning 2% of men earn over £200,000 a year; to be in the top 2% of women the figure is £70,000. These are some of the statistics Kathryn Jacob and Sue Unerman’s book The Glass Wall fights to change. ‘It’s not about the money,’ Kathryn tells us. ‘It’s about us having a developed sense of self.’ On 16 November OxWIB was delighted to welcome Kathryn and Sue as our final speakers for Michaelmas Term. They spoke to us about their experiences and the process of co-authoring The Glass Wall, a book designed to help unlock ambition and develop resilience to build better workplaces for all.

Claudia Lambeth, CEO of Luna Mae

​Claudia Lambeth’s entrepreneurship began at the tender age of 6, when she sold coloured soaps to members of her family. At 22, she became founder and CEO of Luna Mae, the most exclusive lingerie brand in the world. Her first sale? A bustier made for an employee of American Vogue, who then gave it to Valentino to build a wedding dress around. On Wednesday evening OxWIB welcomed Claudia as the first speaker in a three-week series. Claudia immediately captured our attention with her infectious energy and vivaciousness. She studied law at King’s College London but fashion was always the endgame: university years were spent chasing after internships, fashion journalism jobs and courses at the