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Alumni Career Journeys

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Smaranda-Ioana Morosanu.jpg

Smaranda-Ioana Morosanu

Degree: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Graduation year: 2021

Current job: Equity Research Associate at J.P. Morgan

How did you get there? I interned in the same department in the summer of 2020 - I enjoyed it a lot and received a return offer!

Do you currently have any future aspirations or plans? For now, I want to make the most out of the steep learning curve that is sell-side research - lots of the skills I learn day to day are very transferable to other career paths as well. I am excited about what the future holds!

Do you have any advice for undergraduates with similar aspirations? Do not let yourself be intimidated by others who appear more prepared at this stage, especially if you are coming from an underrepresented background in finance. When I was at university, I saw many of the things I do today as very daunting tasks and thought it would be impossible to catch up with others who were ahead (I grew up in Romania and therefore my knowledge of the industry prior to university was nil). It was clearly not - if you are enthusiastic and disciplined, you can make up for lack of experience, especially at this stage. Make the most out of online resources and the experience of other students who have pursued similar paths

Kim Zhang

Degree: Classics

Graduation year: 2018

Current job: Brand Marketing Manager at Wellcome

How did you get there? I started with internships during university. In my second year, I did two investment banking spring internships at Citi and UBS, then followed up with a digital marketing internship at Jimmy Choo, and an affiliate marketing internship at Net-A-Porter. In short, I was confused. This theme continued after Oxford. I had a stint in sales at an agency called Brainlabs, before trying my hand at social campaigns and brand partnerships at Condé Nast. It was here that I fell in love with the world of brand. I moved to Wellcome to be part of their first ever brand team, dedicated to defining and setting the strategy for how we show up in the world.

Do you currently have any future aspirations or plans? For now, I want to continue my work at Wellcome, as I think it’s pretty rare and cool to be a founding brand team at such a great organisation. Future pipe dream - I’d love to start my own brand!

Do you have any advice for undergraduates with similar aspirations? Firstly, if you are in a position to, make the most of internships and try all the things (roles, teams, companies, industries). 

And, I have made plenty of mistakes, but I’ve never regretted continuing that curiosity after university. I found my twenties was, and are, so valuable for that kind of free and fanciful learning. My peers and I have realised that it’s often easy to fall in love with the idea of a certain job or career whilst at uni, and just as easily fall out of love once you’re living the reality day to day.
I never had any magical epiphanies, but it was only through trying that I learned what I did and didn’t like (investment banking and sales are sadly not for me…)
It’s cringey, but I’d also recommend reaching out on LinkedIn to ask for a chat with someone whose job you’re interested in. You’d be surprised by how many strangers are kind enough to give you their time and advice.
Best of luck! You’ll do great. And even if you don’t, it’s never really too late to start again.

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Renee Robinson.jpg

Renee Robinson

Degree: I was an exchange student at Oxford in 2019. I received a B.A from Johns Hopkins university with a major in International Studies and Political Science, and a minor in Spanish. Then, I went to law school in Paris, where I received  an LLM from Sciences Po in Economic Law. I got another advanced LLM from Queen Mary University of Law (but on their Paris campus). 


Graduation year: 2019 & 2022


Current job: Now, I am a PhD candidate at Paris I Sorbonne School of Law and IFM (Institut Français de la Mode–a French fashion school). I have worked in legal institutions like the ICC Court of Arbitration and firms such as Dechert. But, mainly, I have been a university lecturer for the past year and a half. I teach at a business school called ESCP, and my own constructed classes at Sciences Po in Paris (one on international law and one on fashion and law). Basically, I do the PhD and teach too! 


How did you get there? The pedagogical and career pathway is a bit windy! I'm American but I have done the majority of my education in Europe. I knew that I wanted to pursue a path in law, but that I wanted to take an unconventional approach by not only pursuing it in France, but specialising in a new topic: international law and fashion! 

For the future, I will be working in a law firm in investment arbitration while also continuing to teach as a professor in topics in fashion and law, and as a researcher in this small field. 


Do you have any advice for undergraduates with similar aspirations? I would say that my biggest advice is to caveat that comparison is the thief of joy! This is not only important in life, but especially as a female-driven society, where the priority is being a community. So, it's important to reflect and develop your own personality and goals, and block out the noise from what everyone is doing or says they want to do. The best way to succeed is to listen to your own desires, and even if you fail, keep failing forward, and own it. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself.

Elizabeth Cubitt

Degree: Biomedical Sciences at New College

Graduation year: 2020 (2017-2020)

Current job: Corporate Partnerships Manager, University College London Hospital Charity

How did you get there? As my finals were during the start of the pandemic, I started a remote Public Health Diploma while working at a NHS service in Norwich. I knew I wanted to live in London, and so applied for the UCLH Leadership and Management Scheme, where I had rotations as Service Manager in the Emergency Department, and Project Manager in the Strategy Directorate working on capital projects and patient pathways. I enjoyed both the operational and strategic elements, and wanted to help make a difference for staff and patients at the Trust. After exploring other organisations, I applied for my current role in the Trust Charity, which has been amazing and fulfilling through connecting with corporate teams for fundraising events, donations and partnerships, to support our patients, staff, research and exciting new hospital sites.

Do you currently have any future aspirations or plans? I am planning on learning as much as I can about the charitable sector, and exploring the different opportunities in this varied, challenging, and heart-warming sector, both within the NHS and in support of other charitable objectives.

Do you have any advice for undergraduates with similar aspirations? I wholeheartedly support the idea of graduate schemes, in giving you an opportunity to learn, develop, try new things and connect with people in a similar place in their career, as well as those senior to you. If you have an interest in storytelling, growing relationships and striving to make a difference, then the charitable sector could be for you and there are lots of ways to gain experience both in fundraising and in other ways to grow transferable skills.

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Rose-Anna Bailey.jpg

Rose-Anna Bailey

Degree: Economics & Management

Graduation year: 2016

Current job: Civil Servant, Foreign Policy

How did you get there? (career pathway): Management consultant -> business owner -> civil servant

Do you currently have any future aspirations or plans? I am eally enjoying my current career. Working for HMG can offer you opportunities you cannot experience ANYWHERE else. I highly recommend it.

Do you have any advice for undergraduates with similar aspirations? There is huge flexibility in government; if you enter into any type of policy area/role type you will be able to migrate over to a policy area you have the most interest in. You will also be able to carve a really fulfilling and varied career for yourself with a huge amount of variety.

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