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Our Mentorship Scheme

The Oxford Women in Business International Mentorship programme aims to build connections between businesspeople in established careers and women* and non-binary people studying at the University of Oxford. Experienced women* and non-binary people from various different sectors connect with and help students through career development, while ultimately forming a long lasting professional relationship. The programme therefore aims to benefit both the mentors and mentees involved. 


The world of work can be scary. This programme was created by OxWIB to address the needs of university students who are unsure of either what career path to pursue or how to achieve their goals. This is especially true for careers which aren’t directly related to degree subjects and workplaces which have been historically male-dominated.

If you are interested in being a mentor for the next cycle of the mentorship programme, which will begin in October 2022, please fill out this form or contact for more information. 


Mentee application forms are currently closed.

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Poppy, History Student, 2022 graduate

I found OxWIB really useful in helping me figure out exactly what I wanted to do and opening doors for me to do it. I didn't really have a network in the sector I was interested in, and didn't know how to get my foot in the door but I feel much more confident and qualified to do so now.

Yingsu, PPE student, 2023 graduate 

I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with an inspiring woman in the sector I’ve always been interested in. My mentor has been super helpful and she’s offered me so many insights, from her career path and day-to-day work to her views on ESG and what she values in a job. I’ve simply enjoyed every call we’ve had and I’m really excited about staying in touch with her after the mentorship programme. I’ve also found the mentorship guidelines from OxWIB extremely helpful as a great conversation starter!

Sarah Broadley, Senior Marketing Manager at Emerald Publishing 

It has been inspiring to chat to such a capable young person with so much obvious potential and, I hope, help her make the most of that potential. I’ve felt that I am doing something really worthwhile, and making use of my professional knowledge and experience in a different way. It’s been very rewarding.


  • Our International Mentorship programme is run biannually in the summer and winter terms, with virtual meetings between mentors and mentees twice a month.

  • It is framed as a flexible way for ambitious students to gain a nuanced insight into the career path of a female professional. 

  • Each round involves about 150 women, with 70 mentors and 80 mentees.

  • Approximately 200 mentors have been involved since the programme’s inception, all coming from a range of different industries, leading companies and organisations, such as Google, Morgan Stanley, the BBC, and the UN.

  • 100% of mentors would recommend the programme.

  • Over 70% of mentors planned to keep in touch with their mentees after the programme.

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