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A Week at Newton

Alex is a Consultant at Newton Europe. She studied Law at Oxford, and has been working at Newton for a year and a half. Waking up at ten past 6 on a Monday morning, I roll out of bed, grab my suitcase and head for a 7:30 train where, breakfast and coffee in hand I make my way up to my client site to start my week. My job is made up of graphs, analytics, meetings and calculations, but at the heart of it are the conversations with people from a huge range of backgrounds and industries. At Newton I’ve worked closely with nurses and health care assistants, manufacturing professionals, and senior officers at the Ministry of Defence, to name just a few. I’m currently working in the procurement tea

An Engaging Career in the Finance Industry (Technology)

I never expected I would start my career in the finance industry as I always wanted to become an Architect. While studying Architecture for my undergraduate degree, I realised it wasn’t what I enjoyed the most and I decided to expand both my academic and career options. Having picked up statistics and maths again at university, I discovered an interest in analytical and quantitative problem solving. However, after interning at a start-up, a consulting firm and a venture capital fund, I still couldn’t decide what I wanted to do in my career. Almost as soon as I started my Master’s degree in Social Data Science, I took a different approach with my career search; I attended various events inclu