Life at Amazon – Hear from Amazonians!!

Life at Amazon – Hear from Amazonians!!

Following a successful and enjoyable internship, Amazon was a leading technology company that provided numerous support and opportunities to develop and grow my career. The first online assessment was bug finding and fixing. This was refreshing from the stereotypical algorithm questions of other online assessments and more closely resembles real software development. The interviewers were polite, friendly and felt like a genuine conversation about software development and engineering, as opposed to a scripted list of questions. Following my final interview, the recruitment team gave me a tour of the Amazon office - what my future workplace would be.

Bradley Miles – Software Development Engineer

As a Finance Analyst, my role is to work with the Amazon Logistics business team on how we can provide the best delivery service to our customers. This involves analysis on operational and cost efficiency to ensure that we can match our delivery promise to customers. We're always striving to be better and provide more benefits for our customers. At Amazon, you are definitely in control of your own career. Amazon actively encourages you to try new roles, so you can take your career wherever you desire. There are great training schemes and resources in place that you can always be developing a new skill - I'm currently learning the database mining code SQL!

Jack Barnes – Graduate Finance Analyst

After completing a 6-month internship at Amazon, I knew I wanted to work here full-time. The opportunities for growth, possibility of wide impact, and general culture all made me want to come back. I develop front-end code used in Prime Video's subscriptions and transactions, writing widgets that allow you to sign up to Prime and Channels, as well as buy or rent any movie or show you'd like to enjoy. A typical two-week sprint for me entails entails planning meetings, backlog grooming, daily standups, and customer-facing work done throughout. We also have design meetings where the team gets together to agree on our approaches, and we finish it all off with an org-wide show and tell to get together and talk about what we've recently accomplished. At Amazon, you are responsible for taking your career to wherever you want. There is no set path, and you may be interested in gaining experience in a certain job role, or you might prefer to switch positions as your interests and expertise change over time. This trajectory is fully in your own hands, and your managers, peers, and mentors will help you get to whatever objective you have set yourself.

Belen Barbed – Software Development Engineer