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Event Summary: Wine with Crypto Wallets and Lending

As part of a continuing collaboration with SheFi and Aave, OxWIB hosted a 'Wine with Crypto

Wallets and Lending' event on Wednesday 27th April.

The evening started with an introduction from the Aave team, where we learnt about their different paths into crypto and the necessity for different skill sets (both technical and non-technical) within the Web3 environment.

Following an initial Q&A session, where we heard the Aave team's opinion on topics ranging from the investment potential of NFTs to predictions for future crypto microtrends, we then were treated to Maggie Love's (the founder of SheFi) workshop: Where to Begin with Wallets (Wallets 101).

Maggie's passion and experience was undeniable as she talked us through the purpose of crypto wallets, the different types of wallets, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and best-practice for wallet safety and security. Following her fascinating presentation, Maggie then answered questions from the audience, where her extensive technical knowledge was invaluable (herself having worked on prestigious projects such as IBM Watson), such as: how secure are seed phases?

After a brief opportunity to collect coveted OxWIB stash, a marvellous evening was completed by a more intimate discussions of all matters crypto and Web3 alongside pizza and pints!

There will be two more SheFi x OxWIB workshops this term. Find all the information on our Facebook page.

Learn more about Aave at

Find out more about SheFi at


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