Entrepreneurial Insight Panel

The exciting journey that is entrepreneurship, beginning from the seed of a single idea growing into a successful business was fascinating to hear about at OxWIB’s Entrepreneurial Insight Panel on the 20th February, where successful entrepreneurs shared their experiences and advice. The speakers included Vicky Simmons, who is an art director and founder of the greeting card brand ‘Mean Mail’; Agne Milukaite, founder of Cycle.land-the peer-to-peer bike sharing social marketplace; and Catherine Spence who is the Principal Licensing & Ventures Manager at the Oxford University Innovation Incubator.

The path to entrepreneurship...

Vicky Simmons founded Mean Mail in Spring 2017, having studied design at university and her background in advertising. Simmons’ inspiration for Mean Mail came from wanting to create greetings cards that reflect how close friends really talk to each other; as Oscar Wilde said, ‘True friends stab you in the front’, where when with close friends you can laugh at yourself, encapsulating the sarcasm of British humour. Whilst Simmons initially designed 48 cards, she launched the brand with 16 cards so as to not spread herself too thinly and has also gained international exposure from Mean Mail’s first trade show.