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An evening with Marakon

OxWIB’s night with Marakon was one of fascination and one or two (or four) cocktails. Held in the basement of Raoul’s bar, members of OxWIB were given the opportunity to sip and socialise with representatives of Marakon, a boutique strategy consulting firm.

There was never a quiet moment or lull in conversation in the room and the representatives were certainly kept busy with student questions! Strolling round with a cocktail in hand, members could speak to a wide range of people, all of whom had different stories and experiences regarding their degrees, career experiences and entries into the field of consulting. The opportunity to speak in an intimate setting to representatives at so many different stages of their consulting careers was incredibly insightful and students were able to learn a huge amount not only about Marakon, but also about consulting as an industry. The women who spoke with us explained that there is plenty of opportunity to progress quickly in your career at Marakon and that receiving promotions wasn’t something you had to wait a decade for - it seems as though working at a boutique consulting firm is definitely worth looking into!

It was a successful night to say the least! Members gained a great deal of insight about the firm and left feeling confident about their plans for the future thanks to the fantastic advice from the representatives - the cocktails may have had a part to play too!

Marakon are currently recruiting Summer Associates for their internship programme. If you are a penultimate year student interested in getting real strategy consulting experience, you can find out more on Marakon’s website: Internship applications close 24th January 2019.

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