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Julia Goodman, Actress turned Entrepreneur

As students leave university they are faced with the burden of making a decision concerning their career path. Enter into the world of business, ranging from work in start-ups to work in banking, or opt for a more creative route, perhaps delving into fashion, theatre or music? Julia Goodman appears to have achieved both, as an actress turned entrepreneur she offered our attendees a great insight into starting a business from a creative perspective. As a professional actress and director Julia has worked on many different projects and films such as The Brothers (1972) and Twenty One (1991). However, in her talk Julia described the challenges of an acting career whereby she was left to support her family whilst relying on an industry where the supply of work was particularly unreliable. Julia's story was compelling as she recalled her realisation that she needed to make a change as she longed for financial stability. Julia founded Personal Presentation Ltd. in 1989, having developed her methodology in the late 1980s. Using her experiences in theatre Julia created this business in order to offer clients the opportunity to define themselves through effective communication with those around them. Over the years she has worked with Chairmen and CEO's across many different business sectors, helping them to engage with their colleagues and grow as strong leaders. Julia's story demonstrated her tenacity and creativity using the skills she had to independently start up a business. Engaging with audience members throughout the talk it appeared that there were many aspiring entrepreneurs amongst us. Julia provided advice inspired by her You brand programme designed specifically for women. An emphasis was put on the need to break down the negative stereotying that so often limits the careers of women. We were urged to communicate effectively in the corporate enviornment projecting our personality in a confident and engaging way. Finally Julia emphasised the need to be authentic. An effective leader would demonstrate strong leadership skills however the art of forging relationships with others in a real and natural was key to success. I came away from the talk inspired by Julia as a role model and coach, and I began to think more about the importance of building these communication skills that would be invaluable in the business world. Dinner at Trinity College formal was a lovely conclusion to the event where we continued our discussions with Julia on her business and further ambitions. We wish Julia the best of luck with her future endeavours and look forward to seeing the products of her success.

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