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Natasha Corrett, Founder of Honestly Healthy

Chef and entrepreneur Natasha Corrett talked to OxWIB to share the story of her business and what she has learnt. Natasha is the founder of Honestly Healthy, a well-known health brand with books, a website, nationwide food delivery service, a bestselling app and a brilliant online database. The path to success has not been easy, but Natasha assures us that success comes from a strong work ethic combined with passion. Honestly Healthy was created to help solve the struggle of being healthy in day to day life. Natasha originally set up weekend retreats for people outside of London. However, on one occasion, Natasha had to step in as chef. Natasha’s food received such good reviews that she decided to carry on - the business grew organically from this point onwards. Here are our top entrepreneurial tips from Natasha: 1. Opportunities Business is about being in the right place at the right time - take every opportunity and network as much as you can. Fake it to make it, bending the truth can often work in your favour to provide people the reassurance that you know exactly what you are doing, when in fact you may not. This gives you the chance to learn on the job. 2. Advisers When setting up a business, you should also set up a board of advisers – talk to 3 or 4 people that have already set up a business and have already made mistakes. Show them your work, accounts, future plans, get advice and ask questions. You will struggle to look outside the box when running your own business. However, those on the outside can highlight your mistakes – make sure you do not take this as a personal attack & take feedback on board. Mistakes are useful lessons, but learning from someone else saves money and increases productivity. 3. Do not be too proud Know your strengths, but also understand and acknowledge your weaknesses. Acknowledge that you need help sometimes. You cannot be everything and the sooner you realise that, the better. As soon as you can afford to pay someone to do something better than you, do!

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