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Women in Music panel

Our second panel of Trinity term was on Friday evening of Week 4. We were delighted to collaborate with the Oxford Recording Society to organise a Women in Music panel.

It was an amazing event in which participants discovered so much about the industry from inspiring women working within it but in diverse ways.

We heard from three wonderful ladies:

Ali Stone: Alicia Gómez, known professionally as Ali Stone, is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and DJ from Colombia. She is a female producer in an industry which is 98% male, and a longtime advocate for women and mental health.

Andreea Magdalina: Currently based out of Los Angeles, Andreea’s work focuses on the interaction between music and technology. With a 7yr+ career as VP of Content at Mixcloud and as a founder of a small non-profit organization, her expertise lies primarily in digital marketing, social media and business development, in addition to music consulting.

Sagid Carter: Sagid started as a young radio producer but quickly transformed to hosting shows for FunX radio and hosted her own Saturday night show ‘Club Carter’ on 3FM. Currently, she is curating the hottest tracks and interviewing international artists for the daily show 3voor12 Radio. In her spare time, she created her own podcast, Cartish Radio, a platform for her passion for storytelling and human interest.

Catch up on the event by watching our YT Highlight Reel:


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