Interview with the Co-President of DukeWIB

As part of her Insight Magazine feature 'Uniting Women in Business', our Head of External Relations, Imogen Duke, interviewed a range of WIB societies around the UK and America. Here she talks to the Co-Presidents of DukeWIB, Samaya and Karen.

Hi! Could you tell us a bit about you and your role in DukeBOW?

Samaya: I’m a senior studying Economics with a minor in CS and I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I joined BOW in my freshman fall and was immediately so drawn to the org and wanted to get more involved, so I joined the communication committee. For my sophomore year, I joined the exec board as Logistics Chair, overseeing on average more than an event per day. In my junior year, I was VP of Professional Development, where I got a flavour of event planning, and this year I’m Co-President. I spent my last two summers interning in finance and I’ll be returning full-time after graduation.

Karen: I’m also a senior studying Economics and CS and I’m also from the Dallas, Texas area! I joined BOW in my freshman fall and knew it was the organisation I wanted to be most involved with. When I joined, I was a part of the High School Mentorship committee and the Finance Newsletter Committee. That taught me how easy and meaningful it was to take initiative in BOW, so I was VP of Membership in my sophomore year. In my junior year, I was VP of Events Finance, so I was in charge of helping underclassmen recruiting for anything in the finance division. I’m now Co-President with Samaya. We’re so excited to grow and bring everything back to in-person after COVID. I also interned in finance and will be returning to the firm after graduation.

How would you describe your society in three words?

Karen: Innovative, supportive, and driven