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Insight Editor's Choice Winner: The New World

what does it mean to be a woman?

forget finding one single silhouette

no two souls are the same

women, like men, were created

in God’s name on the sixth day

in the image of God she created them…

well, an image is a reflection of light

you could only discover her likeness

by looking through a kaleidoscope:

Marilyn to Munroe, Marsha, Malala and Michelle

i am building a world where

a woman’s value is not determined by

her background or body count

Mary holds Rahab’s hand and

Sarah befriends Hagar

won’t you join me?

i am building a world where

jealousy has no place

all rivalries are fuelled by friendly fire

all talents affectionately embraced

won’t you join me?

i am building a world where

women are unafraid to be three dimensional

man won’t dare patronise his equal

nor reprimand her for being ‘overly emotional’

won’t you join me?

close your eyes and imagine

the kind of world we’ll fashion

if woman worked united

and woman worked with passion

imagine the air we’ll breathe

imagine what beauty we’ll birth

when boundaries forget their names

when greed and violence choke on earth

i am building a world where

we’ll stop second guessing every synapse

and suppressing sharp edges for safety

we’ll stop swallowing softness for skepticism

and silencing our identities for desirability

won’t you join me?

i am building a world where

‘women supporting women’

creates a powerhouse of unity

rather than cosmetic coalitions

playground gossip and competition

won’t you join me?

we’ll exist unapologetically

liberated in true diversity

encouraging each other with pleasure

we won’t have to take the path of least resistance

if we’re fighting the fight together

- eulalia marie


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