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Confidence in Leadership Workshop

Kickstarting a three-part Leadership Series, OxWIB hosted a Confidence in Leadership workshop on the 28th January with executive coach Natalia Chopra. Participants explored how being confident is an important skill in relation to being a good leader.

The workshop kicked off with statistics indicating the state of representation of women across the corporate ladder. The information detailed that from an entry level perspective representation was closest to parity at just below 48%. This number, however, reduced significantly as we moved along the corporate ladder, ending at a low of 25% at a C-suite level.

Until women move up to management at the same rate as men, progress at the top will remain uneven.

Natalia went on to provide the group with tangible exercises to make more confident and empathetic leaders, including prioritising self care and becoming more visible in an authentic and empathetic manner.

The reflective exercises and discussion really left attendees with a better understanding of what drives their authentic confidence and how to implement that in leadership contexts.

Key workshop takeaway:

Stop: Seeking perfection and avoiding mistakes

Start: Taking your needs seriously

Continue: Taking ownership and contributing to the success of your organisation

Natalia Chopra is an Executive and Youth Coach. She has focused her career on personal development and executive education as a coach, working for the YPO (Young President Organisation) for over ten years. Natalia sees the world through leaders’ eyes, and hopes to share her knowledge and experience with anyone aspiring to become a leader.


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