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Spotlight On Orbis

Orbis is a business that thrives on thinking differently. Attending a meeting surrounded by skeletal creatures in the natural history museum, it was clear that they seek out the unconventional. Orbis’ investment technique involves thinking strategically about the long-term value of shares. The focus here is certainly on attention to detail, and focusing on finding the true value in businesses, which is clearly reflected by their success over the past twenty-five years.

There appears to be a strong and admirable culture of independence, but most importantly stepping up to take responsibility for decisions. While Orbis have a large precedent of successful investment decisions, when questioned further, the recruiters were refreshingly candid about the challenge presented by the job. They admitted that wrong decisions are a frequent and accepted part of the job. It is clear that humility is a key and commendable feature of the work done. This is especially important, as Orbis are keen to accept applicants regardless of degree background, or previous investment experience. They are keen to challenge the norms of what an investor looks like, and applicants should be resilient and enjoy thinking rationally about complex challenges. There is a comprehensive training programme and mentoring scheme for those with the requisite aptitude, and many opportunities as an intern to experience different sectors of the business.

Orbis came to Oxford to promote their annual Stock Picking Challenge, an exciting opportunity to research real life organisations and make predictions about them. Unfortunately, the stock picking challenge deadline has now elapsed, but Orbis are accepting internship applications for their investment analyst positions up until 18th Jan 2019. Find out more about opportunities at Orbis here :

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