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Trinity 2018 President's Drinks: Bubbly Spirits

Modern Art Oxford played host to a wonderful evening of President's Drinks. An unseasonably cold April night contrasted significantly with the warmth and lively conversation which characterised the evening. Welcoming members back for Trinity, and offering them the opportunity to catch up, socialise, and learn more about the great events organised for the term ahead, tickets for the President's Drinks were in great demand, selling out in just six minutes.

The evening which unfolded reflected and justified that high demand. The sparkling reception left bubbles and conversation flowing, but members could not keep away from the sweet treats on offer: from cupcakes to cake-pops, there was an array of delicious baked goods, eagerly consumed. Equally in demand, the retro sweet stand was incredibly popular, allowing lots of sugary indulgence.

In the middle of the evening our President, Emily Curtis, gave a short speech outlining the numerous events, panels, and speakers arranged for the upcoming term, including the Artistic Ambitions panel on Tuesday of 3rd week, the Personal Branding Workshop, and a continuation of our Inspirational Women series, featuring Julie Brown, the COO and CFO of Burberry.

The food on offer was more than just an enjoyable treat, providing the energy required to dance to the wonderful tunes of Dot's Funk Odyssey, who regaled the crowd with dynamic interpretations of classic songs. For the remainder of the night, members enjoyed the open bar and the dance floor in equal measure, and as they left expressed their appreciation for the event, and all the people who worked to provide such lovely food, drink, and entertainment.

President's Drinks was a fantastic way to start an exciting new term packed with amazing events!

Photographs of the night are available from Sofia Blanchard photography at

See a short selection below!

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