Interview Masterclass with Amy Holdsworth

On Friday 19th January, OxWIB were delighted to welcome Amy Holdsworth, who does freelance recruitment and consulting, to give our members an interview masterclass.

First, we went through some likely interview experiences, and what to do in those situations.

If you turn up on wrong day for your interview, do you:

a) Run away (an unsurprisingly common solution)

b) Throw the internet or the recruiter under the bus – blaming them for providing the wrong timing would be the best option, as you are already prepared to do the interview.

c) Play dumb and not acknowledge it

If you spill something over yourself before the interview, would you:

a) Call in sick and reschedule

b) Be late and buy new clothes

c) Make joke about it – this is the recommended option, as making a light-hearted joke about the situation will make you seem human.

If there’s a skill/qualification they want but you don’t have it, do you:

a) Pretend you have it

b) Admit you don't have it

c) Say you will learn – this option shows that you’re open to learn new things, and you can ask if they offer any relevant training.

Some useful tips:

  • It’s natural to be nervous, but make sure your hands aren’t sweaty when you go to shake the interviewer’s hand. Bringing hand sanitizer with you will go a long way!

  • It’s better to wear comfortable clothes than distractingly uncomfortable smart clothes