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Our Story

OxWIB was founded in October 2008 at the University of Oxford to connect talented young women with opportunities and inspiration. Since then, our membership has continued to grow, and today we continue to be a thriving society at the University, hosting speakers, workshops and social events throughout each term.


Previous Presidents

Trinity 2024: Iris Ganyushin

Hilary 2024: Sophie Beaumont

Michaelmas 2023: Hannah Porter-Jones

Trinity 2023: Leila Seif-Nobakht

Hilary 2023: Elena Vicario Santos

Michaelmas 2022: Caitlin MacClay

Trinity 2022: Clara Marks

Hilary 2022: Mackenzie Mully

Michaelmas 2021: Sofija Petrovic

Trinity 2021: Tomisin Anastasia Osibona

Hilary 2021: Francesca Carver

Michaelmas 2020: Amita Singh

Trinity 2020: Maia Salmon

Hilary 2020: Anna Zakonyi

Michaelmas 2019: Flora Leadley

Trinity 2019: Victoria Hasan

Hilary 2019: Isabel Kunzl-Tacchi

Michaelmas 2018: Vivien Hasan

Trinity 2018: Emily Curtis

Hilary 2018: Perdita Shirley

Michaelmas 2017: Kazia Tam
Trinity 2017: Marie Lim
Hilary 2017: Laura Hamilton
Michaelmas 2016: Linda Sarfo-Gyamfi
Trinity 2016: Ellen Bazley 
Hilary 2016: Rachel Fowden Hulme
Michaelmas 2015: Lakmini Wijesinghe
Trinity 2015: Olivia Vickers
Hilary 2015: Mirren Johal 
Michaelmas 2014: Rebecca Jones
Trinity 2014: Julie Shah
Hilary 2014: Lara Tandy 
Michaelmas 2013: Charlotte Feather
Trinity 2013: Carolyn Hou
Hilary 2013: Flora Olcott
Michaelmas 2012: Carlene Kuschke
Trinity 2012: Iona Dent
Hilary 2012: Laetitia Campbell

Hilary 2011: Reena Virdee

Michaelmas 2010: Rebecca Gingell

Trinity 2010: Melissa Bennington

Hilary 2010: Emma Radford

Michaelmas 2009: Amber Graham Watson

Founding President: Sarah Batty

OxWIB Alumnae

Are you a previous member of OxWIB committee?

The current committee is looking for you!

The current OxWIB committee is always looking to reconnect with people who have previously been involved with the society and find out what they are up to today. If this is you, we greatly encourage you to get in touch with us at

You can also join our alumnae mailing list by clicking here.

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