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Whether you had an internship at an asset management company, wanted to know more about the wider world of finance, or had no idea what asset management entailed, the PIMCO panel discussion offered a fascinating insight into an underexposed part of finance. 

PIMCO was initially founded in Newport Bea...

On the 18th of February, OxWIB welcomed the lovely Katrina Bentley from Barclays to provide an interview workshop for our members. Katrina had a wealth of knowledge to share with us and set out the different styles of interview and how to tackle each individually. 

1.       Motivational I...

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our members! Hopefully, Hilary is going well and that you don’t come down with 5th week blues next week!

On Tuesday, OxWIB were delighted to host Dame Clara Furse as part of our inspirational speaker series. Dame Clara has had an incredibly successful career spanning...

January 31, 2015

This term, OxWIB is focusing on skills and personal development. Accordingly, on Monday OxWIB were delighted to host Karen Barker (Graduate Recruitment Manager at Deutsche Bank) who provided a useful skills event on the deceptively simple task of writing a CV.

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Karen was refreshingl...

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