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Welcome back to Oxford’s sunniest (and busiest) term! As you’ll see, our Term Card is jam-packed, with more than ten events spread over the next eight weeks. So, whether you’re looking for a break from revision, or to fill your spare time with something engaging, I hope you find something that...

Whether you had an internship at an asset management company, wanted to know more about the wider world of finance, or had no idea what asset management entailed, the PIMCO panel discussion offered a fascinating insight into an underexposed part of finance. 

PIMCO was initially founded in Newport Bea...

Modern Art Oxford played host to a wonderful evening of President's Drinks. An unseasonably cold April night contrasted significantly with the warmth and lively conversation which characterised the evening. Welcoming members back for Trinity, and offering them the opportunity to catch up, socialise,...

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