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The OxWIB Committee is a great place to meet new people and build your skills for the business world. We have a range of positions available. 

Applications occur on a termly basis and will open at the end of 4th Week for the Michaelmas 2019 Committee.

To apply, you will need to submit an application form and CV. If successful, you will be invited to interview with the incoming President. 

Frequently asked questions

Which role is right for me?

There are four main teams in the OxWIB Committee: Events, Sponsorship, Marketing and Membership & Development. For those looking to shape the termcard and plan socials, Events is a great place to be. If you are more interested in liasing with firms and raising funds, try applying for Sponsorship. If you're more keen on designing artwork, raising our social media profile and writing blog posts, go for Marketing instead. And if you're interested in helping to build a sense of community in OxWIB, then the Membership & Development team does a lot of fantastic work with current and former Oxford students, overseen by the Secretary. If you are interested in joining Committee but unsure about which of these areas to go into, applying for General Committee is a good way to see lots of aspects of the society and find out what you want to go into. Applying for a Director Role involves greater committment; you will need to regularly spend time on OxWIB work throughout the vacation and termtime, and you will be responsible for managing a small team. Roles on the Exec are a significant time commitment and you will be expected to be involved with almost all aspects of the society.

What are the benefits of joining the committee?

Joining the committee is a fantastic way to get experience in teamwork, leadership, organisation and business skills, as well as the chance to contribute to exciting and meaningful work with getting women into business. There's also an end-of-term OxWIB Committee Dinner, stash and priority places at OxWIB socials and dinners with inspirational speakers!

How does the application process work?

To apply, you will need to fill out a written application form and attach your CV around 5th or 6th Week. You will be able to select your preferred position. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview during 7th Week with the incoming President . If you are not available due to exams or other major commitments, we can hold the interview on a different date. Applicants will be notified towards the end of 7th Week whether they have been selected. If successful, you will be asked to attend the Handover meetings during 8th Week.

Further questions?

Email and we will be happy to help.

What happens if I am not appointed to the position I applied for?

While you are welcome to indicate a preference on your application form, you will be considered for all roles available. For example, if you applied for Marketing Director, you may be offered a position as Marketing Representative instead. If you are not successful in being appointed to Committee, you are more than welcome to reapply the following term or to apply to become a College Representative. College Representatives get stash and priority spaces at our events.

Who can apply?

Application is open to all current female students at the University of Oxford. We welcome students from any year, undergraduate and graduate, as well as any subject area.

I don't have much experience - can I still apply?

Of course! We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and experience levels. There are lots of experienced people on committee who will be happy to pass along any knowledge or skills that you need to learn. All we are looking for is a desire to learn and get involved! The only exceptions are Vice-President, Sponsorship Director, and Marketing Director, for which some relevant experience is desirable. If you do not have experience in these but want to join the team, we suggest applying for Events Director, Sponsorship Representative or Marketing Representative instead.

What makes a good application?

For the written application, detail is helpful! Give evidence about what you’ve achieved and point out any specific contributions or improvements that you made. For example, it's better to say that you negotiated with a local venue and pushed down the price by XYZ amount, than just to say that you were responsible for putting on your school prom. Attaching a good CV is helpful, but make sure to spend enough time on the written application too - it's the first glimpse of your personality that we'll see. Be clear and honest with yourself about why you’re applying to OxWIB and to your position, and try to demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest in the society!

How much time commitment is being on committee?

Applications operate on a termly basis, but most members of committee will have at least some work to do during the vacation. All the work is organised online so there's no need to be in Oxford or in the UK - previous committee members have worked from everywhere during the vacations, from South America to Australia. During term, all committee members are expected to attend and/or help out at around one event per week, and there will also be team meetings organised every 1-2 weeks to fit your schedule. Committee roles (officer/rep/general committee) tend to take up less time, whereas Directors often have several hours of work a week. In general, Events has the most work during the vacation and Marketing the most during term. Sponsorship and Membership are relatively even throughout. Make sure to check this with the incoming President during applications though, as the workload can change from term to term.